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Dave Henderson

Came to us last year already loving this food !

Came to us last year already loving this food !

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Kalama Claydon-Ireland

Thank you so much for your advice and making such an excellent product!

Hi! I would just like to let you know how amazing your food is! My two spaniels have always been quite lean as they were fussy eaters but love running! After speaking to a member of your team at the shooting show in February I have been feeding him the original dog food. Since being on the original dog food both have put on a healthy weight and eat so well! Their noses never leave their dish until all the food is gone and they are even more active! Thank you so much for your advice and making such an excellent product! I have attached a picture of my two fur babies to show how perfect they are looking!! Thanks Kalama

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Ollie’s Gran

Sneyd’s Wonderfeeds

I have just received a few trial bags of several different types of this food and am busy introducing these feeds to a very picky little eater called Jet who is a two year old cockerpoo cross terrier. He recently had operations to pin both hind legs after we discovered he had luxating patellas. He has been off his food and as soon as I gave him the grain free Sneyd's Gourmet fish and potato he couldn't get enough, we have also tried the Gold mix,we are going to try the hypoallergenic Lamb and rice, I am using the Small Bites mix as training treats. I am so relieved to have found these wonderful feeds, it is fantastic to have these small bags to try before buying a huge bag of feed. Thank you Syned's for your wonderful wonderfeeds and fantastic customer service. I wish more pet stores stocked this in my area so far I found one. Come on pet stores start stocking some of this dog food.

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I have always struggled to find a food that suits my cocker. But i was recommended wonderdog by one of my friends and since changing i have never looked back. All i can say is if you want an good quality food at an affordable price you cant go wrong with wonderdog. I use the premium chicken and rice

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Excellent food

I was introduced to Sneyd's dog food several years ago by a pheasant shoot that I work my dogs on. All of my dogs have remained super fit and in great condition since using the food and last year I changed to one of the hypoallergenic foods which includes glucosamine and chondroitin. As my oldest worker is now a very fit 10 she deserves the best food she can have for her ageing joints.
Great dog food which I highly recommend.

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Lorna McKechan

Fussy Eaters

I have 2 GSD's, a Border Collie and a terrier mix and as they all share and the biggest dog is a fussy eater I was looking for a good quality food to suit all of them and I have certainly found it with this product. For the first time the Fussy big one eats his dinner and is at last gaining weight. All of their coats are gleaming and full of energy. Love the way if they are bored with the same old you can add water and they are scoffing their meals once again. Totally recommend this product.

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