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Nutritional advice

Basic information on dog nutrition for dog owners who wish to know a little more.

The manufacture, production, recipes and labelling of dog food have developed greatly over the past 30 years. There are many differing opinions as to what was and what is now best for your dog’s wellbeing.

With 1 in 3 visits to the vets being digestion and food related as well as the associated bills you will inevitably try to balance the money you have available for daily feeding with the quality of the food you select.

Like many other industries dog food companies vary from micro producers up to multi-national global brands. Sneyd’s has manufactured and produced complete dry dog food from the beginning. It is our considered opinion that our “Super Premium” products are optimised to be the best possible for your dog’s wellbeing and the resulting price per day is the lowest possible in the market for the recipes we produce.

Many people question why dog food companies put ash in dog food. This is as a result of seeing ash listed under the analysis section of a dog feed label. This analysis refers to a test carried out on the manufactured kibble where amongst other things the kibble is incinerated. The level of ash therefore reflects the minerals in the feed that can not be destroyed.

As far as Puppy food is concerned there is a lot of confusion about when to move a puppy from puppy to adult feed. Essentially puppy feed is balanced differently to adult feed. During its growth phase the puppy benefits from differing nutrient balances to aid growing bones and organs. Once the puppy has stopped growing it needs an adult feed that delivers nutrients balanced to simply “maintain” the animals physiology.

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Thank you Wonderdog for keeping my dogs fit and healthy for the last fifteen years. Your food is simply the best! Dave Sissons.

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