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Proudly sponsoring Julie Hill

Sneyd’s Wonderfeeds proudly sponsors champion Julie Hill

Julie is a well known and respected multiple champion at various sheepdog trials.

Most prominently, she is the only woman to have won the Supreme International Sheepdog Championship since its inception in 1906. In addition, she is one of the few people (either man or woman) who has won both the Supreme title and the International Brace Championship.

Julie has worked with working Border Collies since 1982 and over the years, she has bred & trained a number of highly successful sheepdogs, both for farming and the trial field.

Julie Hill with her champion sheepdogs on the trial field and at Carcant

She is a well known and respected competitor at sheepdog trials. Julie has represented Scotland at both the International and World Sheepdog trials and made history in 1996 when she became the 1st, & currently only, woman to win the Supreme International Championship since this competition’s inception over 100 years ago. She is also one of the few people who has won both the Supreme and the International Brace Championships. Her other achievements include winning the Scottish National Championship, the Scottish National Brace Championship, the Scottish National Driving Championship and the Champion of Champions competition.


Her major sheepdog trial successes are:

  • 2014: Scottish National Champion
  • 2013: International Brace Champion
  • 2013: Scottish National Brace Champion
  • 2012: Scottish National Brace Champion
  • 2011: World Trial – represented Scotland
  • 2006: International – winner of qualifier
  • 2006: Supreme International Champion – runner up
  • 2006: International Farmer’s Champion
  • 2006: Scottish National – runner up
  • 2005: Scottish National Brace Champion
  • 2002: World Trial -placed 7th
  • 1996: Scottish National Driving Champion
  • 1996: Supreme International Champion
  • 1992: Scottish National Brace Champions
  • 1992: International Brace – runners up
  • 1992: Champion of Champions – winner
  • 1992: Grampian TV. Sheepdog trials – winner
  • 1991: Scottish National Brace Champions
  • 1991: Scottish National Champion
  • 1991: National Farmer’s Champion
  • 1990: BBC “One Man and his Dog” – runner up
  • 1989: International Championship – winner qualifier round
  • 1989: International Shepherd’s Champion
  • 1989: International Supreme – 8th overall

She has also won numerous open trials and nursery league titles.


Julie Hill’s Book and DVD are now available for purchase

Get Julie’s new Book and DVD directly form her website, click here to visit her website.

Julie hill The Natural Way

The first edition (written as Julie SImpson) has been has completely overhauled, updated and rewritten. The new book is based on Julie’s 30 year experience as a shepherd combined with her expertise in canine communication that she has developed from watching and interacting with her pack of border collies.

It contains three sections. Part one discusses how dogs (and sheep) communicate with each other and how you can harness this language to interact effectively with your own dog and stock. It also describes how Julie brings up her pups, plus includes a chapter on “insights and enlightenment”. This completely new chapter discusses a few common problems that may novice handler’s face when trying to train their dog to work sheep.

The second part describes how Julie trains a dog to work sheep: from the basic introduction right through to taking an experienced dog out onto the hill. The final section contains Julie’s life story combined with brief notes about some of her dogs and what each has taught her. To further illustrate the points and provide additional information there are many new photos and diagrams as well as inset boxes containing true “Anecdotes”, “From the Clinic” stories, “Fact Boxes” and “Julie’s Tips”.

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