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2016 International Supreme Brace Championship



Julie Hill won the 2016 International Supreme Brace Championship with her dogs Ban and Mac (fed on Sneyds). This is the second time Julie has won the International Brace with Mac and Ban, the team winning first in 2013. She also won the Scottish National with Mac and Ban in 2012 and 2013 and won the Scottish (singles) competition with Ban in 2014.

In addition to her winning run at the 2016 International Supreme Brace (on the first day of the three-day event), Julie was invited to give a public demonstration of her brace skills by re-running the course with Mac and Ban for the benefit of the large crowds attending the International Championship on the Saturday. She then announced that Mac and Ban (aged 9 and 8 respectively) were being retired from competition at this level.

Julie has a track record of top level success in the brace, she won the Scottish National Brace with Bess and Nell in 1991 and 1992 and was also Reserve in the International Brace with Bess and Nell in 1992. In 2005 she won the Scottish National Brace with Tess and Fly.




Approximately 3 years ago my 8 year old working collie Moss began to be frequently lame on his near foreleg and had recurrent back pain and stiffness after working.
Our Vet tried him with anti-inflammatory drugs and physio. We were then told after X-rays that an option was to have one of his toes removed as the vet felt the sudden stop/ start nature of shepherding was causing the problem...

Alyson Corkish and Moss

Wonderdog Special

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